Boonstock was BANGIN!!!

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Boonstock – the best dustbowl in Okanagans history!

What a weekend!!! Despite the hurdles leading up to this awesome event… it really was super good times!!

It was amazing to see thousands of tourists spending the weekend in our beautiful town! Every time I drove by Skaha beach, where the Red Bull stage was, it was packed! Such a great atmosphere! Outside Big Dakez there was an impromptu DJ dance party. It was cool to see so many people having such a good time experiencing what Penticton has to offer. Floating the channel, eating icecream, having a few cold beverages at the Beachhouse, dancing, singing… it was hard to find someone not having a good time. And what a great way to help out the small businesses in Penticton too!

Being fortunate enough to help out backstage for the weekend, I got to see all aspects of the festival. One performance I absolutely was not going to miss was Armin van Buuren aka AVB. Check out what he tweeted after his session:

If you look really close you can see me on the bottom left, haha! The vibe was amazing, the energy contagious and it was an all around a great time.

The quality of talent at Boonstock this year was second to none. I had the opportunity to see one of favorite bands, Rise Against. I saw the mosh pit was pretty epic too (did you see Maxs’ feet pic post on Facebook?! Right on brother!!). Wolf Mother and Awolnation put on a great shows too. Oh and don’t tell anyone, but I spent part of the day with both bands… they were super funny dudes!

During some free time, I went to check out a DJ show from Clockwork. Here is a video I took from the VIP side stage:



The festival was a huge success and mega props to the team that put it on. Seeing first-hand the amount of work that went into keeping things running smoothly gives me a new appreciation for all of the staff and volunteers and what they did to make this event zing!

Penticton definitely needs more events like this!! There are always improvements to be made, but with more support from the community we can make it even better and really put Penticton on the map!

Check out a few photos from Boonstock below:

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