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Floating the channel

Pick a random night after a long day of work… it’s 5:30 PM, still 35 degrees outside and you’re in need of some entertainment! Rather than head home to lay on the couch and watch an episode of Big Brother, you decide to call up a few friends, grab a few cold beverages, some snacks and spend the next couple hours here:

Yep! Floating down the channel on some funky floating device and letting mother nature do all the work! It really is probably the best way to unwind after a long day at the office and, in my opinion, the most fun! Who knows, after spending a few hours on the channel with your crew… the good times seem to continue. My evening ended with an impromptu steak bbq! Hellz yeah! This was just a random weekday night too! It’s pretty cool that with minimal planning and effort you can have as super fun evening, get a tan and still be in bed at a reasonable hour for work the next day!

A few things to note if you’re not a veteran channel floater… I recommend giving yourself a bit more time if you’re going to float the whole channel, as the currant in the second half slows down considerably (bring a paddles if you’ve got’em!)… bring water so you stay hydrated and in the event your floaty losses air or you find you’re going to slow you can always paddle past everyone, which gives you the chance to check out the latest floaty creations! Obviously the last option isn’t as glamorous, but does speed things up if you’re pinched for time.

If anyone has any unique or cool floaties – send me some pics!



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