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Want to know what the locals of Penticton LOVE to do?

What our favourite activities, restaurants, and events are? Or where those secret gems only the locals know about are?

You have come to the right spot!

I am a hometown girl, born and raised right here in Penticton at the heart of the beautiful sunny Okanagan in British Columbia.

A few years back I found myself a single mother of a preteen working in the financial industry with a night job bartending. I was suffering from being overworked, under paid and what they call the corporate work culture blues.

One night I was expressing to a friend over a glass of wine my desire to bring passion and happiness back into my life… like maybe taking up a hobby such as yoga or going on a trip to Thailand.. when they asked me the question that would change my life forever

“What would you do if you could do anything in the world?” 

I did not have an answer for my friend and the question gnawed at me for weeks but every idea I dreamed up with seemed impossible! So I do what I do and started to do research and read everything I could get my hands on, on how to find the right job and how to be happy.

They all asked the same thing. What do you devote your spare time to? What activities do you invest your time and money into? What makes you smile?

These seemed like MUCH easier questions but it had been so long since as a single mother with 2 jobs that I had any spare time to truly pursue any it took some time to figure them out again.

I now know I have 4 major passions - traveling, creating events, supporting my community and food!

This blog isn’t about my journey of where I am today but after taking the scary step of leaving the security of the Corporate World and after only one year later of working 100+ hour weeks at multiple jobs and relentlessly pursuing my dreams here I am today… the owner of Moda Media & Events, the Event Coordinator for Canada’s most up-and-coming tourist destination, Barefoot Beach Resort featuring Penticton’s most energetic and event filled beach! With the best sound stage in the Okanagan! And starting my own Hometown Tourist Blog

I will be blogging about all the MUST DO & SEE attractions, events and restaurants Penticton has to offer! Including some secret gems that even some of my local friends may not know about it!

For now here is a sneak peek of what Penticton has to offer! The paddle boarding and wake boarding was filmed right on Barefoot’s Beach! For upcoming Barefoot Events please go to our events tab or Facebook page!



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