How did you spend your Sunday afternoon?

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Holy cow Penticton is magical! Seriously! The weather, the lakes, the events, the people… amazing!

Let’s talk weather for a sec… the first half of Sunday gave a bit of overcast, but still hovering around 20 degrees (which is apparently cold for Penticton this time of year), however by 2 PM the clouds burned off and temperatures hit close to 30 degrees! And according to Mr. Weatherman it looks like there is a lot more hot sun in the near future too… all this week we’ll see temps hovering at or above 30 degrees.

For those who like to play in the water (me) Skaha Lake felt like a heated pool yesterday! A little factoid for ya about Skaha Lake… it’s generally warmer than Okanagan Lake by a few degrees, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should! In the event you forget and/or need something, The Barefoot Beach Resort offers plenty of amenities to cover pretty much all your needs for a fun filled day at the beach! For example I was wearing cloth shorts and I wanted to jump in the lake, so I went into BIG DAKES RENTAL HUT & BEACHWEAR (located right on Skaha Lake with all the Paddle Boards in front) and bought a phat pair of water shorts (then I jumped in the lake to cool off!) Nothing beats having everything you need right in front of you. Visit HERE  for a list of all Barefoot Resorts amenities!

And the best part of yesterday was Sunday Funday, which was also the first Sunday Funday event of the summer! If you’ve never been to one of these events, you’re missing out on some good times! The entire day is booked with events from paddle board yoga, outdoor crossfit, beach volleyball and 4 on 4 soccer… all steps away from Skaha Lake! They even have a live DJ calling out the events and playing some dope tunes!

So yeah, I spent yesterday taking this all in… warm weather, beautiful Skaha Lake, Sunday Funday and of course beach clad bods running around absorbing mother nature’s warmth… it’s a tough life living in paradise, but someone’s gotta live it… might as well be the hometown tourist!


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