Barefoot Beach Resort – Rules

First and foremost, we want to be green and think green.  We hope our patrons feel the same way.  All recyclables are cashed in and the proceeds donated to the SPCA.  We believe that a conscientious effort will result in donations between $3000 to $5000 per annum for this worthy charity.


Barefoot Beach Resort is a family, fitness oriented resort catering to those who want to live a healthy lifestyle.  Being dog friendly and having a private beach are just some of the great benefits we offer.  However, like any place we need rules that make staying here comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.   Hence, we require your agreement to the following:


CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT:  Check-in is between 4:00pm and 11:00pm; Check-out is at 11:00am sharp. Should you require an earlier or later check-in/check-out time, contact the front office and we will do our best to facilitate your request.


PETS:  Pets are part of everyone’s family and here at Barefoot we want you to enjoy your vacation with your best friend.  Having a huge beach to play on with your pal is something we not only like, but encourage.  That’s why at Barefoot we have a ‘Barespaw Beach’ where your dog can freely crash in the waves or lie beside you soaking up the sun.  Is there anything more blissful?


Pet fees and rules are as follows:

  • $7 per night, per pet or $35 per week, per pet. A maximum of two pets.
  • There are two pet friendly (sorry no cats) yurts. See pricing on reservation page.
  • Pet stations are available for your convenience.
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times in public areas with the exception of Barespaw Beach.
  • One strike rule on the beach should you not pick up after your dog.
  • Pets cannot be left alone in the campground or yurts. Please see reception for a list of dog walkers and dog sitters.
  • RV owners must ensure their pets are not left outside and are not barking in their RV when left alone.
  • Maximum weight for dogs is 50 pounds, however exceptions will be considered should the pet be mature and of good nature. This rule is put in place so that residents of Barefoot and their dogs do not feel intimidated by other pets.  Clients who currently reside in Barefoot are exempt from this rule.



10% of your total bill is charged at the time of booking and is non-refundable:

Standard & Maximum Occupancies of sites are as follows:

  • 20’ Yurt – 2 persons standard; 2 persons maximum;
  • 24’ Yurt – 2 persons standard; 4 persons maximum;
  • 24’ Pet Friendly Yurt – 2 persons standard; 2 persons maximum, plus two dogs;
  • 30’ Yurt – 4 persons standard; 6 persons maximum;
  • Camping – 4 persons standard; 6 persons maximum (only 4 adults per site).



  • Sites are not to be altered in any fashion.
  • Please do not tie tarps to any small trees or bushes, or place anchor nails in trees.
  • Guests are not to switch campsites without approval.
  • We expect all patrons to respect their neighbors, so please keep your site neat and tidy.
  • Two tents per site is the maximum. Tents must be within site parameters.
  • No automobiles at camp sites. You may enter and exit for loading and unloading purposes only.  This gives everyone more room and cuts down on the noise and dangers of traffic in the park.


  • Resort quiet hours are from 11:00pm to 11:00am.
  • Resort gates and parking lot are locked from 11:00pm to 7:00am.
  • Excessive noise will not be permitted.



Wood burning fires are not permitted within the Barefoot Resort with the exception of the beach.  Propane fire bowls are permitted until 11 pm.



All recreational vehicles must be escorted by a Barefoot employee to ensure the vehicle is not encroaching on your neighbours property and is close enough to the sewer to avoid unsightly long sewer extensions.  RV’s must not encroach on grass areas.  Please keep in mind that your neighbours front yard is your backyard so please keep it neat.


Parking of vehicles at RV sites must be in a row and under no conditions are wheels to be on the grass as:

  • this can break our very expensive irrigation system heads;
  • it prevents the sprinklers from watering your green space;
  • it kills the grass;
  • it creates craters in the lawn;
  • sewers are not buried very deep so damage to the sewer system may occur;

A maximum of two vehicles are allowed at each site provided they fit therein;

No boats, trailers or commercial vehicles are permitted on your site.  You can rent space in our secured parking lot for these units;



All visitors must leave the resort and remove their vehicles by 11 pm.

You are responsible for your visitors and any damages that may be incurred. Any inappropriate behavior by your visitors will result in your eviction and forfeiture of your reservation fee.  We don’t want to ruin anyone’s vacation so please take this seriously.

All visitors must park in the parking lot.



Each yurt/tent site will be allotted one parking space.  Additional vehicles will be charged a $10 per night parking fee;



We are a family friendly, health conscious resort.  Smoking is not permitted in public areas, the beach, camp sites and the yurts.  Designated smoking areas are posted throughout.


Most of us are on holidays to relax.  We get it.  However, alcoholic beverages may only be consumed on your site. Drinking games are prohibited.  Action will be taken should patrons cause a disturbance.  Eviction is at the sole discretion of management and reservation fees will not be refunded.


Our vision is to provide a superior, quality environment for our clientele by presenting a secure, relaxed setting with amenities that reach above and beyond the common beach resort.


Relax And Enjoy Your Stay!


Unique | Unrivalled | Extraordinary.


Barefoot Beach Resort is proud to offer a limited number of premium annual RV rental sites to our guests. Fully serviced 30A or 50A hookups with free Wi-Fi and cable included in the price. More information is available under the “RV Sites” tab.