What is a Yurt?

125A9766“Most yurts are portable, tent-like structures. They have circular lattice walls (reminiscent of baby gates tied together) and cone-shaped roof, supported by rafters that meet in a center ring. The outer fabric shell of the yurt can be made of felted wool, coated canvas or a modern architectural fabric.”
Kemery, Becky. Yurts: Living in the Round. Layton: Gibbs Smith. Print.

“An ever-increasing number of wooden structures are also called yurts. What defines them as yurts and not just round houses? The answer lies in the yurt’s uncommon roof structure.”
“The yurt roof incorporates a unique architectural design. Roof struts meet in a center ring, producing inward and downward pressure. This center ring holds the rafters in a state of compression. Where the struts meet the wall at the perimeter, a natural outward thrust occurs. A band (of rope, woven cloth, or wire cable) at the top of the wall holds the wall and roof poles in tension against this outward pressure.”

“Because of this combination of a central compression ring at the top of the roof and the encircling tension band where the roof meets the wall, long roof spans are possible without any internal support system (like posts trusses or beams). This gives the yurt an uncommon feeling of spaciousness and uplift. The roof design also creates an incredibly strong and resilient structure that is uniquely equipped to withstand earthquakes, strong winds, and heavy snow loads.”

The Modern Fabric Yurt

“The encircling rope tension band is now steel aircraft cable sitting neatly on top of the lattice wall. The latest in modern architectural fabrics have replaced the outer covering of felted wool or coated canvas, and NASA-developed insulation provides lightweight but effective temperature control. An acrylic skylight bubble and multiple windows create a light-filled and spacious interior.”

Our Yurts

All of our luxurious yurts feature large dome skylights centered above vaulted ceilings and exposed lattice walls. Beautiful hardwood floors extend to French doors opening onto private decks with personal barbeques. These hideaways are surrounded by lush gardens and manicured paths leading out to the resort’s amenities and the warm, sandy beaches of Skaha Lake.


Our 20’ Standard – “Simple yet equipped”

This cozy space is perfect for two and features an open floor plan showcasing the yurt’s simple yet unique structure. Don’t let its size fool you; this unit takes advantage of all its available space with a king-sized bed and kitchen area to compliment the spacious three-piece en suite bathroom. This yurt is equipped with all the essentials for any length of stay!
24' Kitchenette Yurt


Our 24’ standard – “Great for any length of stay”

Comfortably sleeps up to four guests in our midsize unit featuring one bedroom and pull-out sofa. Perfect for a family or small group of friends, this unique accommodation includes all the basics for a quick getaway but offers the convenience of a full size fridge and ample closet space for those looking to extend their visit.
Rooms & Rates


Our 24’ Fantasy Suit – “Fantasy Getaway”

Charming meets exotic in this one of a kind getaway for your honeymoon, anniversary, birthday, or escape from reality! With a romantic-inspired open design, this suite features a king-sized bed nestled in the centre of a 24-foot yurt, enclosed in a soft canopy of sheer fabric. An exposed, spacious, in-floor soaker tub surrounded by the soft glow of torch-style lighting completes this fantasy-like experience. This accommodation offers a luxurious escape you won’t find anywhere else.
24’ Fantasy Yurt


Our 30’ Standard – “King of the Yurts”

With a 14-foot ceiling and over 700 square feet of interior space, this unit sleeps up to six adults with its two bedrooms and living room sofa bed. Featuring a full bathroom and the largest kitchen of any yurt, it’s perfect for a family vacation or a group getaway!

30' Fantasy Yurt